Most Americans, who have had an unhealthy lifestyle, keep dreaming about some change.
The change for better, of course!

They want to be athletic, to eat healthy food, to have  goals to live healthy. In connection with that, I decided to change my life drastically and start to live like an ordinary American. 
Spontaneously, without any scenario, I made a decision to carry out an expirement on myself. I realized the consequences for my organism and my body could be serious and could take me to many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.                                   Fast food and all lifestyle connected with that instead of healthy - home-made food, a car instead of a bike.                                                                                  Lying on the couch instead of sporting and active lifestyle.              When I was feeling bad I took pills, to relax I was watching TV and drinking beer. Like most Americans I also smoked marijuana from time to time. I used to behave like almost 75% of my friends. 

When I was working on the movie I went through difficult times and difficult decisions I had to declare bankruptcy  e.g.This is not a document how to become a fat like SUPER SIZE ME.. I just decided to live like others for a while, living in that way.

The movie is like looking inside myself. It is mainly about our life giving us a choice every day, to which so many are blind.
Of course - the consequences of these choices. We chose every day whether to be slim or fat, happy or sad and much more.

But is what is happening inside a man during such a journey?
Can you go back and start living the same life you were living a year ago? If so, how does this return look like?
When I started that project, everything seemed to look easy.
One year of experiment and then I was going to be a hero of my own, the big return of Michael was about to take place...
It took me four years to start preparing for the movie, 3 approaches to editing just foundered. 
But Why?
After the experiment I was left with a scar on my soul and on my body.
What`s even worse, that scar could not heal itself for 4 years.
Is it healed right now?

To be honest, the experiment is still on ...

My efforts will be observed from a variety of media outlets, from local television affiliates, social networks, etc.  There are so many components to making this experiment complete and it is my hope that I may include you in my project as well.  Please join me in a unique attempt to help educate our communities and possibly save the lives of so many Americans who may not fully comprehend the vital importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.